Consorzio Abbigliamento ECO CONSORZIO
Sig.ra Luana Ganzerli
Via G. Marconi, 4
42015 Correggio (RE)
Sede legale:
Via A. Manzoni, 8
41012 Carpi (MO)
Tel. +39 0522 643843
Fax +39 0522 632528
P.I. 01853850368

Regione Emilia Romagna
Carpi Trade Italia has been created to promote the internationalization of the most important district in the italian fashion system. The main promoter of this important initiative, expressing the desire of so many of Carpi's textile manufacturers, is ECO (Export Consulting Organization), which groups and represents a growing number of companies in the district. The Carpi Trade Italia trademark identifies a long and solid tradition in the textile-clothing field. A tradition that is constantly renewed from the technological standpoint, while still retaining a craftsmanlike attention to production that not many other industries can offer. The member companies of Carpi Trade Italia have a great and highly diversified wealth of knowledge, skill, experience, and specific production structures. This translates into products that arc characterized by almost unique variety, flexibility, and exclusivity. Products that unite craftsmanship and constant research, Made in Italy and internationalization of service. Available to organized distribution and to qualified shops. Well aware of their enormous potential, the businessmen belonging to ECO have decided to make brokerage on foreign markets more effective and competitive, greatly benefiting the companies as well as international distribution.


Il distretto di Carpi

1500 companies in the towns of Carpi, Novi di Modena, Cavezzo, San Possidonio, Concordia, with sales of over 1.000.000 million euro, 40% of which are made overseas. These figures are enough to make (lie district of Carpi one of the most important zones in the international fashion system. This is an area-system with an exceptional wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, and infrastructure. The clothing industry, which gained importance here in 1950, is based on a tradition that was already rooted in Carpi's culture and society in the 16,h century, when families, in addition to working in the fields, would make straw hats. Over time, the art of "shaving" took on industrial features, and, bv the 1920s, straw hats from Carpi were being exported all over the world. In the 1950s, enterprising businessmen understood that thev could produce knitwear will the same organization used for hats. Thus began what with continuous growth would become a true industry. Since then. Carpi lias become synonymous with highly specialized production in the textile-clothing sector. Recent economic results have provided further confirmation of the district s principal role on the italian fashion scene, pointing out a trend of constant growth in exports, with concentration in the middle-upper range of the market thanks to a significant increase in the standard of quality.

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